White feather therapies will guide you with your journey to wellbeing and support you through the 'blues'. Often when we are going through crisis and feeling overwhelmed , we can reach out for a quick fix . This can lead to us getting into patterns of maladaptive patterns of thinking and behaving. And during these times seeking help of talking therapies can be of much value of adapting healthy ways of managing our feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Therefore, White Feather therapies has been founded with an aim to support you through the journey of your wellbeing by helping you to make sense of your experiences, emotions and feelings. The therapy process will help you develop an insight to find a way of moving forward which will help you with awareness, healing and growth. Due to the stigma of mental health, unfortunately deciding to engage in therapy can be a daunting decision.  Some people still view it as weakness and a sign that they cannot cope when they should. The purpose of individual therapy can be as varied as what brings a person to therapy and can range from alleviating suffering through to an open-ended process of building a more solid and healthy relationship with ourselves and with others around us. We offer a very wide range of therapies to address one or more issues depending on what you may need. The indivualised coping strategies will stand out as a feather in your hat.