What to expect?

Our initial assessment session provides an opportunity for both you and your therapist to get to know each other, and if appropriate agree on a contract for working together.  We will review how you’re feeling after every 6 sessions and we will aim for 6-12 sessions to complete treatment, to get you feeling better. However, some people may need longer sessions particularly if the nature of your difficulties are long standing. To benefit from therapy it is important to commit to regular weekly or fortnightly sessions.

How long are the sessions ?

Each session will last for upto 50 mins and will involve breaking down your problems into smaller parts, to help find out the most effective areas you can start working on. The approach will be very collaborative.

How will I know which is the appropriate form of psychological therapy suited for my needs?

We aim to offer therapy to suit individual needs.Following an initial assesment your therapist will discuss the appropriate treatment options and agree on a treatment plan with you.